Unitydata Reader SDK

.unitydata file reader SDK user guide

How to use SDK

1. Drag and Drop below two Dlls to Unity assets
2. In Unity add "NewEmpty" gameobject. Create new c# script. Attach this script to EmptyGameobject. The script code should look like below to load any .unitydata file
    using UnityEngine;
    using System.Collections;
    using System.Collections.Generic;
    // Step1: add visionworkplace name space
    using VisionworkplaceUnityLoader;

    public class LoadModelTest : MonoBehaviour
        void Start()
            //Step2: create UnityDataReader class object
            UnityDataReader modelHandler = new UnityDataReader();
            //Step3: The .unitydata may have views/cameras. So to get camera create views object.
            List views = new List();

            //Step3: call LoadGameObject method
            Call LoadGameObject()
            argument 1: List - this will be passed as reference to retrieve camera/views from .unitydata file
            argument 2: string .unitydata file path
            GameObject go = modelHandler.LoadGameObject(ref views, "D:\\Technical_school-current_m\\Technical_school-current_m.unitydata");

        void Update()

For more information on how external dlls can be used in Unity, follow this link