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Hoops Integration and Services


What is Hoops?

TechSoft3D provides many tools and SDK to power your 3D Technologies.

HOOPS software development kits power applications with proven 3D technologies, including high performance 3D graphics for desktop, web and mobile, fast and accurate CAD data translation and 3D data publishing. With HOOPS SDKs, reduce product development costs and bring your application to market faster.

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What we do?

We helps users to integrate Hoops SDK and tools to their solution. Such as Hoops Visualize, Hoops Communicator, Hoops Publish, Hoops Exchange.

Our service plus Hoops tools will help to reduce your product development cost.

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With Hoops + Visionworkplace, you can have following solutions for your products,

1. Convert CAD file from and to different formats

2. Visualize large CAD files to Desktop, Web, Mobile with optimized performance.

3. Process 3D data in Web and Desktop.

4. Show Simulation data to end users real time.

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