Point Cloud Processing

If you have point cloud data and you need to make 3D model out of it, and process them, segment them, then we can help to develop tailor made solution for you.

We provide support to complete Scan to Mesh pipeline, that you can easily integrate to your product and  solution.

Below steps are completing the whole life cycle of scanned data to CAD


Step1 : Mesh from Point-cloud data

Generate CAD model from Points only.

This is the process to generate intense CAD model given the scanned point cloud data. And also repair the mesh after generation, like filling holes.

In your product you can integrate this feature and get the 3D Mesh. Or get the resultant output Mesh data and reuse them for further processing.


Step2 : Repair Mesh

After generating Mesh from point data, we may see the issues with generated mesh because,

Scanned data may not be sufficient and you may find some artifacts in that. To overcome this and make the Mesh intact, there is process "Mesh Repair"

Mesh Repair can be, filling the holes, remove extra part, make Mesh more dense etc.


Step3 : Segmenting the Mesh

From the step above, we get intact Mesh. But that is a single entity, which is not so useful for CAD.

And so there is another step in Point Cloud processing, that is Mesh segmentation.

With this approach, you can segment the mesh and identify its different faces/parts

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