Utility 1: License Activator

1. Download the license Activator zip using below button.

2. Unzip the file and run Activate.exe.

3. Choose plugin name, enter license key and press "Activate" button.

4. Upon successful activation, you will get success message. If not then please contact us


Utility 2: Offline Activation Process

Steps for offline activation
1. Please download zip using below download button
2. Unzip it and run 'OfflineActivate.exe' on the computer where you need to activate the license
3. One dialog will apear, in that dialog click 'Create Device Info file'.
4. A file will be created 'OffLineActivation.txt'
5. Please send this file to us. We will again send one exe for license activation, that you need to run on the same machine where you generated txt file.