FBX Exporter SDK for Autodesk Navisworks

About the SDK

This is C# based SDK to Export Navisworks files to FBX format. You just need to call export function from your c# code.


C# Code Snippet:
Navisworks_FBX_SDK::ConvertToFBXSDK convertToFBXSDK = new Navisworks_FBX_SDK::ConvertToFBXSDK();
convertToFBXSDK.ConvertToFBXCommand(UIApplication , "E:\\Test\\Navisworks\\abc.fbx", Settings);


YOU CAN INTEGRATE/USE/CALL API SERVICES FROM YOUR PRODUCT/SOFTWARE. If you have any requirement, please contact us.

1. Generate FBX file format (.FBX)
2. Fast fbx conversion process
3. Share design without needing any special software to view it
4. Small file size
5. Control quality and size while converting to FBX file
6. Choice of writing Normal in FBX
7. Colors material and Texture support
8. Control to choose scale unit (MM, CM, Feet, Meter etc.) of FBX file
9. APIs to call from other program/application

SDK Setting Options

Version 1.0, 07/10/2020
1. Navisworks to FBX Exporter SDK

End user license agreement

Terms and Condition

1. License key will be sent immediately after payment
2. Add this license key in Help dialog and activate the plugin.

More Details

Contact at support@visionworkplace.com to get the SDK Trial.


1. For Navisworks 2016 and 2017 add reference of dll 'Navisworks_FBX_Converter_16_17.dll' to your project and for Navisworks 2018, 2019 and 2020 add reference of 'NavisworksFBX_Converter_18_20.dll', Other dlls are common.
2. Use .net framework 4.7.
3. Use following code to convert

            Navisworks_FBX_SDK::NavisworksFBXSDKSettings NavisworksFBXSDKSettings = new Navisworks_FBX_SDK::NavisworksFBXSDKSettings();


            NavisworksFBXSDKSettings.ShowMessageBox = false;

            NavisworksFBXSDKSettings.Y_Z_Flip = true;

            NavisworksFBXSDKSettings.LevelOfDetail = 14;



            Navisworks_FBX_SDK::ConvertToFBXSDK convertToFBXSDK = new Navisworks_FBX_SDK::ConvertToFBXSDK();


            // This function takes three parameters

            // 1) ExternalCommandData eCommandData

            // 2) Output file path

            // 3) NavisworksFBXSDKSettings

            // Get UIApplication from eCommandData Object


            convertToFBXSDK.ConvertToFBXCommand(UIApplication , "E:\\Test\\Navisworks\\abc.fbx", NavisworksFBXSDKSettings);

Note: If you have our plugin "FBX Converter for Autodesk Navisworks" installed, then remove it before using the SDK